I do not miss the USA 🇺🇸, but...

I do not miss the USA 🇺🇸, but...
📍The big apple 🇺🇸, one of my favorite places in this planet 🌍 - Beautiful summer 2019!

🌍 What has Changed in the world?

You see, saying “the USA is a great place to do business”, is less of a truth and more of a nostalgic memory 😲.

Running a business in America has become unnecessarily complex and expensive. The USA used to be the easiest and most dynamic place to run a business in the 2nd half of the 20th century. It’s used to be the PLACE to be!

But since the collapse of most communist regimes around the world (as well as other complex geopolitical factors), things have changed significantly.

🤔 What are the alternatives then?

I would choose the country of Estonia 🇪🇪 to run a business, with top quality infrastructure, super educated people, excellent English, and where you can open your business in 15 minutes (remotely without even being there).

Yes, it’s the Estonia that 30 years ago was - not only a communist state-, but even a Soviet Republic for +48 years, under this Russian name Эстонская Советская Социалистическая Республика.

😰 Really?! an ex-communist/ex-soviet country?

Today, this ex-soviet republic, fully member of the EU 🇪🇺 and the free movement Schengen space gave birth to the multi billion EU company of BOLT, founded by a 19 y.o. teenager. A country of 1.3Million people. And if you’re not an EU citizen, Estonia 🇪🇪 has introduced the e-residency so you could fully run your business. They even roke a record as one entrepreneur could set up fully his business in Estonia in about 15 minutes, which is mindblowing 🤯 Oh, he did it remotely 😭.

It is also a country run by a woman, where women and children rights are a priority, and where education and health access are free and unconditional ❤️ - unlike in the United States of America 🇺🇸.

Finally, Estonia is considered one of the best e-societies in the world. As a citizen, you can do - almost - everything from your laptop. There is a saying that goes like "in Estonia, lawyers never had a job!". It's to show how streamlined and transparent their business, and legal infrastructure are.

Truly, it is just the pinnacle of East European countries setting an example to America and west of Europe in business infrastructure.

🇺🇸 And where is America in all of this?

America is miles away from what I just wrote above. Yes, I miss the great vibes of the society, as I stated many times in my +thousands online content I created. But I’ve no plan in the short nor the long term to go back there… it would be a mistake.


Because I have options from 196-1 = 195 countries, all over the world 🌍

💡 What are my personal options?

To try something different, with a positive vision about the future, I would choose Dubai 🇦🇪, Qatar 🇶🇦 or Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦. With my skills, I’ll make twice what I made in the United States, and tax free!

And to top it all, I’ll hear the Adhan x5 times a day 🕌. Personally I feel more grounded when I have a spiritual/professional life balance.

Why would I trade the countless options the world is giving me and go back to America?!… even if I was contacted several times from the USA, with seducing 6 figures salaries, in Florida, NY and California, and I declined, every time, for the past 3 years.

As of safety, cleanliness of its cities, just Google LA and SF as you read this article, and you’ll see scenes straight from the 4th world. It’s heartbreaking to see such a great nation fall in such a disunity, and slow decay.

🔚 So no more United States?

The United States of America has the most beautiful landscapes in the planet. Its dynamic vibes and go getter spirit are simply unmatched anywhere else in the world 🌍.

But for now, I've decided to keep an incredible memory from the United States, but far from the United States 🇺🇸. My beloved Dacia has over delivered 🇷🇴😉

Anyway, that was my 20 cts thought...🪙 - "River Newsletter"