Putting a smile on people’s faces, from all over the world 🌎, has become my new healthy LinkedIn Title ✨

Putting a smile on people’s faces, from all over the world 🌎, has become my new healthy LinkedIn Title ✨
📸 From left to right: Amy 🇩🇪, Timur 🇰🇬, Dinara 🇰🇬...who I hadn't known just 48 hours earlier.
"Rise up nimbly and go on your strange journey to the ocean of meanings… Leave and don’t look away from the sun as you go, in whose light you’re sometimes crescent, sometimes full" - Jalāl al-Dīn Muḥammad Rūmī, or simply Rumi (1207 - 1273), Greater Persia.

The start of 2024 has embarked me on a journey that transcends borders, both geographical and metaphorical 🥰.

Four years ago, I left the glamour of the corporate world and a safe paycheck, engineering some of the most advanced and complex projects in the planet 🇺🇸, in the energy ⚡️, renewables 🔋and automation intelligence systems 🤖, including for the US Navy 🛳️; and exchanging it for the enchanting landscapes of this beautiful planet we all call home 🌏. 

👷🏻‍♂️From my mission on the US/Canadian Military Shipyard, summer 2019 🛳⚡️|📍Halifax, Nova Scotia Province, Canada 🇨🇦

Today, as I wander through the stunning landscapes of Central Asia, the power of the unexpected introduced me to astonishing scenes but also compelling individuals 🏔️🇰🇬.

The most surprising aspect is that just 48 hours ago, I hadn’t crossed paths with any of them 🤩. Despite hailing from entirely different backgrounds, we found common ground in the essentials: Life and an abundance of laughter! 💚🕊️

I'm not sure what Dinara was saying in this moment, but it caused our German Amy to shake her head 😂!

Meet Dinara, a Kyrgyz entrepreneur, weaving stories of resilience in her country 🇰🇬. Amy, a German expat, playfully reminding me to finish my German sentences 🇩🇪. And then there’s Timur 🇰🇬 - yes, the same historical figure name who put an end to the Ottomans in the 1402 battle of Ankara. We affectionately nicknamed him the “Godfather”, a moment I captured through my lens, cigarette in hand 🚬, against the backdrop of these majestic landscapes 🏔.

In a world where chance encounters become lifelong connections, it is important to believe in the power of the unexpected 🌟. Like the poet once said 💕: each corner of the globe becomes a canvas where every encounter paints a story, an unpredictable masterpiece waiting to be unveiled - unknown 😉.

📍“Tian Shan” mountains of Kyrgyzstan in winter 🦅🏔️🇰🇬 - January 2024

So, here’s to the joy of chance meetings, the thrill of the unexpected, the fear and peace of carrying the most majestic predator of the skies 🦅, and the courage to embrace the unknown 🧭. 

Who wouldn't be afraid carrying this beautiful creature, 10 months old, +6kg heavy (when he's hungry, like here), with razor sharp and powerful claws for gripping and tearing their prey. As strange as it might seem, I felt super safe and in peace carrying the most majestic predator of the skies 🦅🇰🇬

How about you, do you believe in the power of the unexpected?🥰✌🏼

Where was this? 📍

The stunning landscapes you've seen are from the majestic “Tian Shan” mountains of Kyrgyzstan 🦅🏔️🇰🇬.

📍“Tian Shan” mountains of Kyrgyzstan in winter 🦅🏔️🇰🇬 - January 2024

“Tian Shan” means “Mountains of God/Heaven”, and to my total surprise, I learnt that it has the “Jengish Chokusu” peak. How height it is? Let's lay the heights of the classics:

  • The highest peak of the European Union is the “Mont Blanc” of France/Italy 🇫🇷🇮🇹 at 4,809m
  • The highest peak of continental Europe is the “Mount Elbrus” of Russia 🇷🇺, at 5,642m
  • The highest peak of Africa is Mount Kilimanjaro located in Tanzania 🇹🇿, at 5,895 m.
  • The highest mount in the American continent (north and south) is the Aconcagua, in Argentina, culminating at 6,961 m.

Well, the “Jengish Chokusu” surpases them all, culminating at 7,439m, laying south east of Kyrgyzstan 🇰🇬, and West of the Xinjiang, China 🇨🇳.

I bet we didn’t know there was country called Kyrgyzstan; because four years ago I didn’t…but I was a good corporate engineer 😉🇺🇸✌🏼

Ok, now tell us about your new friend 🦅!

Here is my live encounter with this beautiful creature of Central Asia 🦅🇰🇬.

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Keep an eye out for the upcoming installment, where we dive into the enchanting beauty of Kyrgyzstan, a land blessed with awe-inspiring landscapes and warm-hearted people. Get ready for a journey filled with breathtaking nature and the incredible hospitality that defines this remarkable Central Asian gem. 🌍✨

📍“Tian Shan” mountains, Kyrgyzstan 🇰🇬 - "River Newsletter".